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Why Law School after Military Service?

You learn many skills in the military. Commitment. Service. Hard work. Dedication. Teamwork. Leadership.

At Capital University, we believe those skills are the foundation for success in law school and beyond. We provide the individualized support you need to succeed. Our Academic Success Program prepares you with the specific skills needed to be a successful law school student. Plus, we offer the flexibility of full-time and part-time programs of study, which allows you to work on your degree full-time or balance school with a career.

Our goal at Capital is to make you market-ready – to hit the ground running after graduation as an immediate asset to your employer. Our curriculum balances theory and practice and our innovative teaching methods let you experience law as it’s practiced in real life. Our students gain real-world experience through more than 100 externship opportunities, work in our legal clinics and through pro bono volunteer experiences. Our Office of Professional Development offers personalized attention in preparing you to find a job after graduation.

While practicing law is one career option, a legal education is a valuable asset regardless of the next phase of your career path, whether you are interested in business, healthcare, education, science, public service or any other professional endeavor.

A legal education is about critical thinking, strong work ethic and managing conflict.

If these skills sound familiar, it is because you already have gained many of them through your military service!