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Capital Student & Graduate Reciprocity Requests

Capital University Law School students and graduates seeking employment in another region may request that the Office of Professional Development send a letter of introduction to a law school career services office in another city or region. This arrangement enables a student to potentially access the services or job listings at another school for a designated period of time. Each school maintains its own policies and limitations on access to its career services office, and most schools have blackout dates during peak periods when reciprocity is not available.

Interested students and graduates should not request reciprocity directly from another law school. To request reciprocity, please email Your email request should include your name, your graduation year, preferred email, and the names of law schools ranked in order of preference. Please note that in some regions, local law schools may collectively limit reciprocity to only one local law school.

A complete list of law schools may be found here.

Non-Capital Student & Graduate Reciprocity Requests

The Office of Professional Development (OPD) at Capital University Law School provides access to its resources to both students and graduates of law schools on a case-by-case basis. Upon approval, reciprocity will be granted for a period of three months commencing with the date of the approval letter and is limited to online access to job announcements through Simplicity. 

Reciprocity is granted according to the following conditions:

  • A law school career office must send an official request on behalf of the student or graduate via email to No direct requests from students or graduates of other law schools will be honored.
  • The email must include the name of the student or graduate along with that individual’s email address, phone number, and graduation date. 
  • Access will be approved only if the requesting school also agrees to provide access to on line job announcements or bulletins to Capital students and graduates.
  • Reciprocity may be denied to students or graduates of any school seen to surpass a reasonable number of requests or which limits the number of requests by Capital Law students or graduates.
  • Services not available to reciprocity students or graduates include: counseling services; on-campus Internet access to the job announcements; other password–protected services; telephones; recruitment programs and job fairs. 

Capital University Law School reserves the right to alter this policy without advance notice, or to revoke or deny access to job announcements to any individual who shares the postings with others including but not limited to fellow classmates, career services offices, or commercial job sites.