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Meet our Law School Faculty

At Capital University Law School, our faculty are more than just educators. They are experienced legal scholars and mentors, deeply invested in both the academic and professional growth of their students. Committed to excellence in teaching and legal scholarship, they create a vibrant and challenging academic environment.

Our professors bring a wealth of knowledge not only in legal theory but also in practical application, ensuring that students are well-prepared for exams, future careers, and the complexities of legal practice. They are dedicated to teaching in ways that are engaging and meaningful, making sure every student is ready for their next step.

At Capital University Law School, you're not just another student. Faculty members will know you by name, push you to exceed your expectations, and celebrate your achievements. They are not just imparting knowledge; they are guiding you to discover your potential and find your path in the legal world.

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Capital Law School Faculty in the News

Mark Brown – Nov. 26, 2023
Colorado ruling does not bar Ohio form determining if Trump qualifies for its ballot. The sad reality is it’s unlikely to do so: Mark Brown (

Mark Brown – Nov. 13, 2023
Ohio bill allowing “unapproved” flags in HOA, condo communities called unconstitutional (ABC 6)

Robert Barnhart – Nov. 13, 2023
Upper Arlington teacher charged with raping student offered 'lenient' plea, accuser says (Columbus Dispatch)

Dan Kobil – Nov. 13, 2023
After Affirmative Action – How Will the SCOTUS Decision Affect the Legal Profession? (Ohio Lawyer)

Dan Kobil – Nov. 9, 2023
Supreme Court weighs gun rights, civil protection orders (

Dan Kobil – Nov. 8, 2023
Legal experts weigh in on projected passage of Ohio’s abortion issue (WFMJ)

Dan Kobil – Nov. 8, 2023
What Issue 1’s passage means for the future of abortion in Ohio (

Dan Kobil – Nov. 8, 2023
Ohio’s abortion referendum could test Republican messaging for 2024 (ABC News)

Dan Kobil – Nov. 5, 2023
Ohio Could Reset the Abortion Debate (Newsweek)

Dan Kobil – Oct. 31, 2023
What Happens if Issue 1 Passes, Fails (All Sides, WOSU)

Dan Kobil – Oct. 26, 2023
DeWine on Opposition to Issue 1 (The State of Ohio Show, 

Dan Kobil – Oct. 23, 2023 
This procedure is banned in the US. Why is it a hot topic in fight over Ohio’s abortion amendment? (Associated Press) 

Dan Kobil – Oct. 20, 2023
Ohio Issue 1 Debate: Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative (City Club of Cleveland)  

Dan Kobil – Oct. 17, 2023 
“Ohio voters will decide a constitutional amendment on abortion. Here’s what you need to know” (The Statehouse News Bureau)  

Mark Brown – Oct. 13, 2023
“Issue 1 says nothing about parental control and will not override parental rights: Mark R. Brown” (

Mark Brown – Oct. 12, 2023
“Trump and Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment: An Exploration of Consitutional Eligibility” (

Dan Kobil – Oct. 10, 2023 
Issue 1 opponents raise concerns over parental rights (All Sides, WOSU) 

Dan Kobil – Oct. 4, 2023 
Op Ed: What Ohio’s proposed abortion amendment really does ( 

Dan Kobil – Sept. 5, 2023
“Ohio votes on abortion rights this fall. Misinformation about the proposal is already spreading” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Dan Kobil Sept. 5, 2023
“Abortion rights: 5 legal questions courts may decide if proposed amendment passes” (

Dan Kobil – Aug. 31, 2023
“Political science professor breaks down study regarding ballot language” (Spectrum News 1)