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Accessibility Services and Accommodations

Capital University Law School is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students who may require academic or other accommodations must work with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS).

All requests for accommodations must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of an underlying condition or conditions diagnosed by a medical professional. The forms for submitting medical documentation are found at the link above. OAS reviews requests on a case-by-case basis and works collaboratively with students to establish the accommodations. They are implemented at the Law School by the Student Affairs team.

If you had educational accommodations in college or graduate school, you cannot expect them to be replicated in law school. They might be what you’re accustomed to, but they might be different and still comply with the ADA. Students must engage in the interactive process set forth by the Office of Accessibility Services to determine which accommodations, if any, are appropriate for the law school learning environment, which is different from any learning environment that you’ve experienced so far. If you have never had accommodations in the past, but suspect that you may need them now, please discuss the issues you are encountering with OAS. The team can advise you about how to address your concerns including, but not limited to, seeking educational or psychological testing. Please understand that the testing process itself takes time, as does gathering documentation and reviewing that documentation, so please reach out to Accessibility Services immediately.

If you are approved for testing accommodations, which usually consists of additional time and/or a distraction reduced space, you must submit an Accommodated Exam Schedule Request (PDF) for each exam to the Office of Student Affairs, at or in person to room 389. This form is due two weeks before midterms and one month before finals.

The Law School’s guidelines on requests for exceptions to policies and procedures based on physical or mental disability are outlined in the Manual of Policies and Procedures, Section 6.5.

Contact Information

Office of Accessibility Services
Ph. 614.236.6611
Fax 614.236.6971