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Academic Success Program

Capital University Law School prides itself on student-centered learning. Capital recognizes that each student comes to the Law School with different strengths, abilities, goals, and interests. Capital meets students where they are, offering an individualized experience designed intentionally to promote a growth mindset for life-long learning. A critical part of that experience is the Academic Success Program (ASP).

The Academic Success Program is a crucial part of Capital’s Law School Launch in Week 1 of the Fall Semester, providing all of the incoming students with tools to be successful in the law school environment.

During the Fall Semester, ASP engages students in Academic Coaching and Individual Skills Instruction administered through an online Academic Success course. The Fall ASP course uses metacognition and self-regulated learning to ensure that students are actively evaluating their own knowledge and understanding of course material. The students’ learning is documented in a digital portfolio, useful for evaluating individual growth over time and facilitating collaborative intervention. Academic Coaching and Individual Skills Instruction continues to be available to all students during the Spring Semester.

ASP is designed to complement the 1L curriculum's Integrated Core Competencies (ICC) during fall and spring. ICC enhances the skills used to achieve success in law school and in practice, such as effective case reading and briefing, note taking, outlining, exam writing, and multiple choice strategies. ASP also works cooperatively with the Bar Success Program to ensure that students have skills support from their first day through the bar exam. Building upon skills introduced in ASP, the Bar Success Program reinforces the students’ existing knowledge developed in doctrinal and legal writing courses.

At Capital, ASP is a foundational pathway to progress that works across the curriculum to support all students in becoming the very best that they can be.