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Office of Multicultural Affairs

Student organizations are your gateway to extracurricular growth within the law school.

At Capital University Law School, student organizations are more than just clubs or social groups. They provide opportunities for student leadership and imagination, professional exploration and development, mentoring and networking relationships, thought-provoking programs, and community outreach and service projects. All extracurricular student organizations are overseen by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and a number of those student organizations focus their efforts on issues regarding demographic diversity and diversity of thought:

American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society ("ACS") seeks to:

  • Promote the idea that the Constitution and laws should serve human values.
  • Harness the values of compassion and respect for each individual and reincorporate such values into American law and politics. 
  • Promote reason and decency in the U.S. legal system through continuing advocacy and education. 

Check out the ACS website.

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association (“BLSA”) seeks to:

  • Foster a supportive community for students of African descent at Capital University Law School.
  • Implement programs designed to enhance the academic and cultural experience at Capital Law and provide a strong political voice on issues of concern to Black students.
  • Encourage scholarship and excellence among Black law students while also sponsoring participation in a wide range of activities.


Capital Equality Alliance

The Capital Equality Alliance ("CEA") seeks to:

  • Offer a social network for LGBTQ individuals and allies.
  • Enable individuals to build a professional network within the LGBTQ community.
  • Raise awareness of the issues affecting the LGBTQ community.

Email CEA at

Capital University Law School Democrats

Capital University Law School Democrats seek to:

  • Stimulate, amplify and channel the legal and political interests of Democratic law students.
  • Pursue the ideas of liberty, justice and freedom for all regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status or disability.
  • Foster the exchange of ideas and encourage political debate throughout the campus and community by pursuing and promoting the ideals of the Democratic Party. 

2019-2020 Leadership 
President: Daniel Hanser

Historical Information

2017-2018 Leadership 
President: Brandon Dale Lippert
Vice President: Joel Newby
Treasurer: Kelly Slone
Secretary: Scott Sugarman
Party Liaison: Sarah Ingles
Advisor: Professor Looper-Friedman

2016-2017 Leadership 
President: Erica Friedman
Vice President: Jazmyn Frye
Treasurer: Brandon Dale Lippert
Party Liaison: Sara Ingles
Fundraising Chair: Kelly Slone

2015-2016 Leadership 
President: Mallory Rohr
Vice President: Chelsey Kovach
Treasurer: Jazmyn Frye
Party Liaison: Erica Friedman

2014-2015 Leadership
President: Holly Nagle
Vice President: Heather Hardin-Theus
Secretary: Mallory Rohr

2013-2014 Leadership
President: Mark King
Vice President: Lakshmi Satyanarayana
Secretary: Meganne Piccione
Treasurer: Jessica Doogan
Party Liaison: Scott Hubay
Party Liaison: Holly Nagle

2012-2013 Leadership
President: Ariel Eilola
Vice President: Jennifer Grant
Treasurer: Jessica Doogan
Secretary: Meganne Piccione
Democratic Party Liaison: Holly Nagle
Democratic Party Liaison: Lakshmi Satyanarayana
Parliamentarian: Mark King
Advisor: Professor Susan Looper-Friedman

2011-2012 Leadership
President: Michaela Hahn-Lawson
Vice President: Chad Stonebrook
Treasurer: Phil Leppla
Secretary: Liz Hardy
Democratic Party Liaison: Keith Dyer
1L Representative: Mark King
Advisor: Professor Susan Looper-Friedman

Capital University Law School Republicans

Capital University Law School Republicans seek to:

  • Inform the Capital Law community about current political issues.
  • Provide a network for like-minded students.
  • Support the Republican Party, locally, statewide, and nationally via educational events, social events, and volunteer efforts.

2019-2020 Leadership
President: Christopher Curley
Vice-President: Aunisa Stroklund
Treasurer: Joseph Riley

Historical Information

2018-2019 Leadership
President: Mariah Halleck
Vice-President: Christopher Curley
Secretary: Avery Moore
Treasurer: Joseph Riley

2016-2017 Leadership
President: Rachael Ingram

2015-2016 Leadership
President: Phillip Sarnowski
Vice-President: Rachael Ingram
Treasurer: Jonathan Pope

2014-2015 Leadership
President: Anthony McGeorge
Vice-President: Kaitlin Klucas
Treasurer: Nicole Stai
Secretary: Chelsey Capezzuti
2L Rep: Rachael Ingram

2013-2014 Leadership
President: Kelly Coady
Vice President: Catherine Kirk
Treasurer: Anthony McGeorge
Secretary: Megan Rausch
2L Representative: Nicole Stai

Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society ("CLS") seeks to:

  • Serve as a national grassroots network of lawyers and law students, committed to proclaiming, loving and serving Jesus Christ through all that its members do and say in the practice of law.
  • Avocate biblical conflict reconciliation, public justice, religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.
  • Develop strategic networks for the common good with organizations on the political left and right; with evangelical, fundamentalist and mainline denominations; and with key law professors, church-state experts, and national “opinion makers.”

2018-2019 Leadership 
President: Zach Miller
Advisor: Professor Anderson

Historical Information 

2017-2018 Leadership
President: Zach Miller
Vice President: Vanessa Butler
Treasurer: Paul Strobel
Secretary: Max Taylor
Advisor: Professor Anderson

2016-2017 Leadership
President: Paul Strobel
Vice President: Vanessa Butler
Treasurer: Chris Orndorff
Secretary: Kelsey Golec

2015-2016 Leadership
President: James Choi
Vice President: Joseph Braun
Treasurer: Alicia Walter
Secretary: Kelsey Golec

2014-2015 Leadership
President: James Choi
Vice President: Chris Isbel
Treasurer: Alicia Walter
Community Service Chair: Erica Hutchison
Fundraising Chair: Kathy Nguyen
At large member: Joseph Braun

2013-2014 Leadership
President: Amanda Florio
Vice President: Jared Lee
Treasurer: Erica Hutchison
Community Service Chair: Vijay Veerula
Fundraising Chair: Erin Burton
Chaplain: Mona Sprague
Communications Co-Chair: Johnna Evans
Communications Co-Chair: Jywana Brown

2012-2013 Leadership
President: Ryan Hetsler
Vice President: Vijay Veerula
Treasurer: Anna Lou
Community Service Chair: Erin Burton
Fundraising Chair: Amanda Florio
2L Representative: Ramona Sprague

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies

The Federalist Society at Capital University Law School seeks to:

  • Serve as an organization of conservatives and libertarians concerned with the state of the law and founded upon the principles that government exists to preserve individual freedom
  • Affirm the belief that the separation of governmental powers is central to the Constitution of the United States and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what the law should be.
  • Promote an awareness of its principles and to further the application of such principles through the organization's activities. 

2019-2020 Leadership

President: Nick Lacey
Vice President: Andrew Martin
Treasurer: Joseph Riley
Secretary: John Steines
Public Relations: Adam Beckler
Faculty Advisor: Professor Smith

Historical Information 

2018-2019 Leadership 
President: Tyler Hall
Vice President: Sandra Goolsby
Treasurer: Will Lehner
Secretary: John Steines
Faculty Advisor: Professor Smith

2017-2018 Leadership
President: Dave Pelletier
Vice President: Tyler Hall
Secretary / Treasurer: Sandra Goolsby

2016-2017 Leadership 
President: Sean Lehman
Vice President: Dave Pelletier
Treasurer: John Ferrell
Secretary: Christian Sorg
Public Relations: Rachael Ingram
Lawyer's Chapter Liaison: Heidi Callender
Marketing Chair: Lauren Augostini
3L Representative: Catherine Schobert
2L Representative: Jordan Lochard
Evening Representative: Sandra Goolsby

2015-2016 Leadership 
President: Heidi Callender
Vice President: Sean Lehman
Treasurer: Giles Allen
Secretary: Dave Pelletier

2014-2015 Leadership
President: Addison Bare
Vice President: Katie Mason
Treasurer: Rebecca Rayner
Secretary: Tim Cook

Hispanic Law Students Association

Hispanic Law Students Association (“HLSA”) seeks to: 

  • Provide a greater understanding of Hispanic cultural, socio-economic, and political issues. 
  • Actively pursue resolution of those issues. 
  • Serve as a supportive network for the academic and professional development and success of Hispanic law students and the Capital University Law School community.

2019-2020 Leadership 
President: Justin Maganaice
Vice President: Nick Barons
Treasurer: Carson Tucker
CFO: Justin Meadows
Faculty Advisor: Melinda Molina

Historical Information

2018-2019 Leadership 
President: Andres Olivari 
Faculty Advisor: Melinda Molina

2017-2018 Leadership 
President: Vince Mora 
Faculty Advisor: Melinda Molina

2016-2017 Leadership 
President: Kevin Zamora
Vice President: Vince Mora 
Secretary: Silvia Munguia Atanacio
Treasurer: Somany Pich
3L Representative: Holly Torres
2L Representative: Jalila Dado / Jared Brankamp
1L Representative: Andres Olivari
Faculty Advisor: Melinda Molina

2015-2016 Leadership 
President: Kevin Zamora
Vice President: Holly Torres 
Secretary: Silvia Munguia Atanacio
Treasurer: Byron Tocheri
3L Representative: Jose Juarez
2L Representative: Cedric Ware
1L Representative: Andrew Tinn
Social Event/Fundraising Chair: Whitney Givens

2014-2015 Leadership
President: Jose A. Juarez, Jr.
Vice President: Whitney Givens
Secretary: Brittany Razek
Treasurer: Byron Tocheri
3L Representative: Zeboney Barranada
2L Representative: Sameerah Baksh
1L Representative: Kevin Zamora

Interfaith Legal Society

The Interfaith Legal Society seeks to:

  • Foster an environment for mutual respect and tolerance within the law school.
  • Promote greater understanding and trust between people of different religions and faiths without proselytizing or confronting.

Historical Information

2011-2012 Leadership
President: Brittany Stenger
Secretary: Seth Schertzinger
Treasurer: Seth Schertzinger

2010-2011 Leadership
President: Seth Schertzinger
Vice President: Jacob Smith
Secretary: Clint Travis
Treasurer: Clint Travis

Military Law Society

The Military Law Society (“MLS”) seeks to:

  • Advance awareness within the law school community of military law and national security issues.
  • Inform students of various legal opportunities in all branches of the military; to build social ties between Capital University Law School, the local community, and the Armed Forces; and, to foster alumni networking.
  • Serve as more than a student organization; MLS seeks to serve as a community. 

There are no prerequisites for membership. Prior military experience is NOT required. MLS is open to any individual in the Capital University Law School community interested in supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces.

For information or questions, please email: 

2019-20 Leadership
President: Fred Freibott
Treasurer: Jason Woyce

Historical Information

2018-19 Leadership
President: Christopher Begin
Vice President: Christian Brown
Secretary: Christopher Curley
Treasurer: Jason Woyce

2017-18 Leadership
President: James Young
Vice President: Melissa McFadden 

2016-17 Leadership
President: Delmas Miller
Vice President: Solomon Parini
Secretary: Lakia Baldwin
Treasurer: Michael Jameson
Public Relations: Meggan Moore
Event Planner: James Young

2015-16 Leadership 
Co-Presidents: Justin Smith & Keith Melvin

2011-2012 Leadership
President: Craig Minor
Vice President: Jackie Collins
Secretary: Angela Brown
Treasurer: Belinda Harris
Event Planner: Morgan Lyles
Public Relations: Morgan Lyles
Advisor: Professor James Beattie

2010-2011 Leadership
President: John Mingo
Vice President: Anthony Flitcroft
Treasurer: Angela Brown
Secretary: Zach Mayo

Women’s Law Association

The Women’s Law Association (“WLA”) seeks to:

  • Serve as an active voice on gender-related issues.
  • Sponsor frequent speakers and programs on subjects such as women in the courts, sexual harassment, pay equity, and other workplace issues.
  • Offer social and networking opportunities with students, alumni, and other practitioners. 

For information or questions, please email:

2019-2020 Leadership 
President: Megan Nelson
Vice President: Hannah Harris
Treasurer: Rebecca Hill
Secretary: Samantha Lewis
Director of Programming: Morgan Craig
Director of Public Relations: Shannon Strow
Evening Liaison: Emalea Helisek
Day Liaison: Nicole Novotny
Outreach Director: Sasha Brooks
Advisor: Professor Gilles

Historical Information

2018-2019 Leadership 
President: Sara Valentine
Vice President: Megan Nelson
Treasurer:Maria Hicks
Secretary: Andrea Lawson
Fundraising Coordinator: Maria Hicks
Director of Programming: Hannah Harris
Director of Public Relations: Juliea Crumes
Evening Liaison: Abigail Smith
Advisor: Professor Gilles

2017-2018 Leadership 
President: Kelly Slone
Secretary: Rhiannon Herbert
Advisor: Professor Gilles

2016-2017 Leadership 
President: Holly Torres 
Vice President: Hillary Hoffman
Treasurer: Kathy Hoover
Secretary: Lauren Larrick 
Public Relations Chair: Lauren Augostini 
Co-Evening Liaisons: Emily Hixon / Launica Jones

2015-2016 Leadership 
President: Chelsea Capezzuti 
Treasurer: Alicia Walters

2014-2015 Leadership
President: Leah Wolfe
Vice President: Allyson Spivey
Treasurer: Kathy Nguyen
Secretary: Johnna Evans
Programming Chair: Chelsey Capezzuti
Evening Rep: Sheila Duffy-Long