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Diversity at Capital University Law School

In today's world, diversity plays a central role in the legal educational process. Exposure to diverse ideas and viewpoints forces students to think critically about their own beliefs — to question and challenge them. Capital University Law School creates a diverse and supportive environment where the exchange of ideas is free-flowing and valued. Also, Columbus is one of the top cities for African Americans. 

Capital’s students come from every walk of life: from small towns to large metropolitan cities, from small private colleges to large state universities. Students come to Capital with diverse educational, cultural and professional backgrounds. The student body includes individuals whose undergraduate majors were music, art, drama, dance, engineering, mathematics, history, philosophy, English, marketing and business, to name just a few. They are doctors, nurses, police officers, business persons, teachers, bankers, and pastors. As young as 21 years old to 65 years of age, Capital’s students bring valid and valuable life experiences to the classroom from which each student is subsequently enriched.

Capital University Law School is committed to racial and cultural diversity. The Law School actively recruits African American, Asian, Latino and Native American students.

Capital’s active student organizations reflect the diversity of interest which co-exists among the student body. Find out more about CapLaw student organizations.  

Foreign students and distinguished international visiting faculty from places such as Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Venezuela, Japan, Nigeria and the People's Republic of China add to the richness of the Capital University Law School educational experience.