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Start an Organization

In order for any organization to have the sponsorship of Capital University Law School, the organization must have the approval of the school administration and conform to the policies and requirements set for student organizations. Students interested in forming a new club or organization should:

1. Stop by the Assistant Dean’s office located on the third floor and request the papers necessary to start a new organization.

2. Obtain an advisor. Students may choose any full-time faculty or administrative member they wish if he or she is available and interested.

3. File an Application for Approved Status. The application includes the name and purpose of the organization, a list of officers, the advisor, as well as other information. Two (2) copies of the Organization's Constitution need to be included along with the application.

4. The Assistant Dean will then examine the application and constitution and determine if the organization meets the requirements.

5. The Assistant Dean will forward requests for a new organization to the faculty for approval.


Once the necessary paperwork has been submitted and approval granted, the organization becomes an approved organization. This approval entitles the group to:

1. apply for university funding;
2. use university space for meetings and activities;
3. be affiliated with the university;
4. e-mail, webpage and listserve access.