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Housing Survey Results

According to a recent survey of Capital Law students…

Rental Costs

Cost of Renting Alone

Average $1,217.00
Highest $1,660
Lowest $750.00
Cost of Renting with a Roommate

Average $763.00
Highest $1,100
Lowest $400
Average Monthly Cost of Utilities

Most Common Utilities Included in Rent


Most Common Apartment Amenities

Washer/Dryer or Washer/Dryer hook-up
Off-Street Parking
Covered/Garage Parking
On-site Fitness Facility

Top 3 Apartment Communities

The Pierce
Market Mohawk
Library Park  

Top Neighborhoods/Suburbs 

Grandview Heights

Proximity to School

61% Live Less Than 5 Miles Away
19% Live 5-10 Miles Away
14% Live 10-15 Miles Away
5% Live 15-20 Miles Away
1% Live 20+ Miles Away

Commute to School 

30% Walk
70% Use a Personal Vehicle
0% Use Public Transportation


46% Have a Roommate
54% Do Not Have a Roommate

Out of 30 students who have a roommate, 5 reported they lived with another law student and 60% recommended living with a roommate. 

Best Housing Search Advice

  • Live close to the school. Your time is the most important asset in law school
  • Pick something that is doable for YOU! Don’t worry about where everyone else is staying. Also, drive by the complexes at night or on the weekends to get a full sense of the area. Talk to current residents before you sign a lease and look early
  • It will be hard to find cheap housing in Downtown, but there is some available. It's much easier if you can have a roommate or significant other move with you, that's what I did. Ask them for deals/money/free parking. A lot of times they will give it to you.

Central Ohio Neighborhoods


Appealing aspects: Close proximity to Law School, ease of access to highways and neighboring communities, and lack of traffic.

Commute: 5-10 minute walk to Law School


Appealing aspects: Close proximity to Law School, ease of access to highways, and close to restaurants.

Commute: 10-minute drive to Law School

Grandview Heights

Appealing aspects: Proximity to downtown/Law School, lots of young professionals, a mixture of urban and suburban culture, safe.

Commute: 15-minute drive to Law School

Upper Arlington 

Appealing aspects: Quiet and safe, great restaurants.

Commute: 15-20 minute drive to Law School

German Village 

Appealing aspects: Proximity to Law School, quiet, rich historic culture, and lots of great restaurants.

Commute: Less than 10-minute drive to Law School 


Appealing aspects: Clean, safe, affordable cost of housing, great restaurants, access to parks and recreation.

Commute: 20-25 minute drive to Law School


Appealing aspects: Quiet, safe, affordable cost of housing.

Commute: 15-20 minute drive to Law School


Appealing aspects: Small town feel, lively, great restaurants, access to parks and recreation.

Commute: 25-minute drive to Law School