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Articulation Agreement

Description of the Articulation Agreement Program 

Any student from one of the listed institutions below will have satisfied the requirements for admission to CULS if they complete the following:

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree;
  2. Rank in the top half of his/her class;
  3. Earn at least half their credits at that university;
  4. Achieve a minimum LSAT score that is equivalent/equal to the median LSAT of the prior year's entering class at CULS;
  5. Meet CULS's good character requirement; and
  6. Fully complete a CULS application in a timely manner.





Augustana College, Rock Island

 Rock Island  Illinois  ELCA

Augustana College, Sioux Falls 

 Sioux Falls

 South Dakota


California Lutheran University 

 Thousand Oaks



Capital University 




Pacific Lutheran University 




Roanoke College 




Susquehanna University 




Thiel College 

 Greenville  Pennsylvania  ELCA
Wittenberg University   Springfield       Ohio  ELCA