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Student Employment Opportunities at Capital University Law School

Upholding a high standard of service to our academic community is an obligation of all Capital University Law School employees, including student employees.

Capital University Law School offers work study employment (contact the Office of Financial Aid to see if you qualify for work study) as well as regular non-work study employment.

Hiring Process

Current student employment opportunities will be posted online (below) and outside of the Financial Aid Office door as positions become available. Department supervisors will be responsible for hiring as stated in the job posting.

Upon hire, students must complete and return to Office of Financial Aid:

  • An Employment Packet (W-4, IT-4, Authorization for Direct Deposit, I-9 forms)
  • Hire Confirmation Card (signed by supervisor).
  • Returning hires must update any employment forms with the Financial Aid Office as changes occur. New Hire Cards must be completed for summer semester and one for the fall / spring semester(s).

All student employees must have their payroll check direct deposited. 

Work Hours

Staffing requirements will vary between departments as each department has different needs. Work schedules are established by the hiring supervisor/department.

Full-time day students are restricted to no more than 20 hours per week of employment per the American Bar Association educational standards. If a student holds more than one job, on-campus or off-campus, the combined hours worked cannot exceed the weekly maximum hours allowed.

Time Sheet

All student employees (exception – stipend positions use paper timesheets) are required to complete bi-weekly timesheets on a web-based time entry system. The hours are then approved on-line by your supervisor and sent electronically to the payroll office for processing. Timesheets must be submitted by noon on the Friday following the end of a pay period. You will receive compensation for this time on the subsequent Friday.