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The Capital University Law Review

The Capital University Law Review was founded in 1972. It was formed for the purpose of providing the greater legal community with scholarly analysis of contemporary legal issues. The Review is published four times each year by the students of Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

Each year, the Review publishes articles from distinguished scholars, judges, public officials and practicing attorneys. The Review also sponsors symposia such as the Sullivan Lecture, in which prominent members of the legal profession debate various topics of national importance. Recent symposia have included issues on bioethics, clemency, free speech, legal ethics, bankruptcy, urban development and banking regulation.

The Review is published for two main reasons. First, we are dedicated to providing an accurate and timely resource that will be useful to judges, scholars, and attorneys in the study and practice of law. The Review is found in law libraries nationwide and is also available on Westlaw and Lexis. Second, the Review seeks to enhance the legal education of its members. By participating in the publication process of the Review, each staff member further develops his or her skills in legal research, writing and analysis. In addition, each staff member writes an article on an important topic within the legal profession and submits it to the Review for possible publication.

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