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Strategic Plan

Core Purpose 

Capital University Law School offers dedicated students the intellectual, ethical and practical foundation to become successful legal professionals and leaders. 

Core Values 

The core purpose is based on our core values: 

Teaching: We are dedicated to being excellent and effective teachers. 

Scholarship: We are dedicated to being excellent scholars and to cultivating an environment of innovative thinking. 

Opportunity: We are dedicated to providing students of diverse backgrounds with access to a legal education. 

Students: We are dedicated to ensuring that our students are prepared for life as professionals. 

Community: We are dedicated to maintaining a collegial community of mutual respect and support at the law school. 

Service:  We are dedicated to serving the evolving needs of society. 

Strategic Priorities 

  • Promoting teaching excellence and innovation 
  • Being student supportive 
  • Impacting the professional legal community
  • Fostering meaningful scholarship 
  • Establishing a foundation for continuity 

More about our strategic priorities

Our Strategic Objectives  

  • Ensuring fiscal soundness and reserve 
  • Maintain a strong bar passage rate 
  • Emphasize practice ready skills though experiential learning, such as the legal clinic, pro bono work moot court, trial advocacy, skills training and other “real world” opportunities 
  • Benchmark innovations by our teaching competitors and review our curriculum to ensure balance between the teaching of doctrine and traditional analytical skills and the teaching of additional professional skills and values 
  • Enhance career guidance and job search assistance efforts 
  • Actively cultivate relationships with hiring organizations
  • Cultivate alumni involvement efforts 
  • Leverage our central Ohio presence with the local professional community
  • Clearly communicate strategic focus to faculty, staff, students and alumni, and execute planned actions
  • Ensure technology, library and information support services meet access and infrastructure needs of students, faculty and staff 
  • External communications: Implement a brand building/reputation effort 
  • Review and assess student admission standards/fit, while recognizing current nationwide admission trends 
  • Increase focus on student professional development efforts 
  • Promote excellence in teaching in both traditional and innovative ways, such as awards, recognition, training
  • Continue to promote access and diversity in central Ohio law practice
  • Enhance student satisfaction without compromising academic rigor 
  • Foster greater communication and collaboration with the central administration, recognizing that this takes takes effort from the law school and all others within the University
  • Diagnose and address 2L satisfaction fall off drivers
  • Promote excellence in scholarship in both traditional and innovative ways, such as awards, recognition, support
  • Internal communications: Enhance internal communications to ensure timely and effective sharing of important information with faculty, staff and students
  • Increase focus on student leadership development efforts
  • Promote faculty cultural focus and interchange
  • Review class scheduling and availability concerns
  • Review and enhance professional training and innovation opportunities for staff and administrators
  • Evaluate opportunities to sponsor thought leadership events in Columbus, e.g. symposia, conferences, CLEs
  • Benchmark scholarship efforts of aspirational competitors and implement key driver(s)
  • Evaluate the role and positioning of law review in our strategy