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Law Firm Challenge Explanation of Program

Each year, the Law Firm Challenge unites alumni and Central Ohio law firms in a friendly competition that raises funds for the Law School.

Alumni volunteer agents at each firm encourage their alumni peers to financially support any area of the law school annually.

The Challenge improves Capital University Law School’s alumni participation rate, which is calculated by determining the percentage of law school alumni who make a gift in any amount to Capital University Law School every year. Participation is the primary way to measure alumni support, which affects the law school’s U.S. News & World Report ranking and reputation. Making a gift demonstrates the value you place on your education and shows a commitment to improving your alma mater. Our participation rate is viewed as a vote of confidence from alumni and is often considered when corporations and foundations determine whether to direct gifts to Capital University Law School.

The Challenge also builds the current Capital University Law School network among alumni, students, firms and employers. Our alumni benefit by reconnecting with the Law School and each other in a positive, fun way: by working as a team in a competition to support their alma mater.

Participating firms enhance their recruiting prospects among the best students of Capital University Law School. The Challenge is also a powerful public relations tool. By contributing to this campaign, local firms distinguish their business as one that supports an important investment: the education of future attorneys.

Finally, Capital University Law School and its students benefit from this network by gaining exposure to the tremendous resources and contacts of its alumni at the firms participating in this Challenge.